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Aleathea’s Cape May

Written by: on August 27th, 2015 in Cape May CountySeafoodUncategorized
Rated: Last update: Jan 20th 2016
  • Time: August 26, 2015
  • City: Cape May
  • Address: 7 Ocean Street
  • Phone: 609-884-5555
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Map: unavailable

Located inside the historic Inn of Cape May, Aleathea’s Restaurant, offering a menu from sea to land. We made reservations and were seated as promised. From the menu we ordered Fish Taco’s, Crab Cake, Cheese steak and a seafood dish Fruit del Mar. 

Fish Taco’s> with a few choice’s of fish we went with the Mahi. Taco’s beautifully presented and balanced. Topped with Pico de Gallo (tomato/spices) they added some shredded cabbage for texture a perfect match of flavors.

Crab Cake> Came with sides of whipped potato’s and asparagus. Crab cake had a nice overall flavor and crust but, had quite a bit of filler that we found overshadowed the crab. Side of asparagus was bland. Potato’s just your normal run of the mill mashed potato.

Fruit del Mar> Lobster, mussel’s, shrimp and scallops, choice of red or white sauce served over Rigatoni pasta was cooked perfectly. Lobster, two claws and a few other small pieces had a fresh flavor and were very tasty. Shrimp, tails were left on which considering the pricing of the dish should have been removed. Scallops, salty and mushy seemed as if they came from the freezer. Mussel’s were excellent and on the larger side. Sauce was flavorful a typical white.

Cheese-Steak> large sandwich with flavorful beef. Right amount of cheese and baked off a bit to give the roll a nice crunch. Philly natives would be proud.

Ambiance was warm and comfortable. The service was not. Waitress took drink order and promising a return of our bar drink which did not occur until after we reminded her (she seemed annoyed). Roll’s delivered with a roasted garlic and oil. On a roll refill asked if we wanted butter. The worst though (at least for our self-worth) while waiting for our food we over heard another waitress reciting the “day’s specials”. We were not afforded this opportunity bringing to mind a line from the movie Jaws, “you aren’t an islander”.

Aleathea’s Restaurant from other review venues has received good marks, we struggle to see why. If we were to rate just based off the Taco and Steak sandwich they ranked a 5. Adding the flaws of the other two meals took to a three. The lack of hospitality and making you feel your business and money were not appreciated/wanted takes them down to a 2 and we are being generous. We will not be returning.

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