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Best Diners of NJ Union County’s Kenilworth Diner

Written by: on February 17th, 2017 in DinersUncategorizedUnion County
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Diners in Union County
  • Time: August 29,2017 & February 17, 2017
  • City: Kenilworth
  • Address: 614 Boulevard Ave
  • Phone: 908-245-6565
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Map: Show map

August 29, 2017> Passing through the area we made a planned return to The Kenilworth Diner. This time getting one of our favorite breakfasts Eggs Benedict. The big test as you may know, the hollandaise. And boy did they deliver! A picture is worth a thousand words, but we’ll use just one, DELICIOUS. 3 eggs perfectly cooked, with Canadian Bacon on a muffin, the best way to start a day. Sided with fantastic potatoes too, so we didn’t waste a drop of the great hollandaise. The Kenilworth Diner, a fantastic stop!



What separates one New Jersey Diner from another? Good food of course and we discovered some on our visit to the Kenilworth Diner. Another piece to the good diner puzzle, service, and the Kenilworth Diner hit it out of the park. Dining alone gives you an opportunity to listen to the goings on around you. We heard, “how are you doing?, would you like some more coffee? not just once, but many times, personally and at nearby tables and cheerfully I might add!

Our omelet, Porky’s Omelet, bacon and Taylor Ham, with green pepper, onion and choice of cheese (ours American). Beautifully constructed, bacon crisp, peppers fresh with a nice snap of freshness. All ingredients including the Taylor Ham and Bacon distributed throughout and all relatively the same size! Fantastic omelet that we wolfed down! Sided with potatoes with some nice crust to them 🙂

Left with their Award winning Cheesecake for the road. Gorgeous looking and tasting! A great reason alone to visit the Kenilworth Diner. Friendly, quick service in a comfortable environment, we look forward to a return!

Porky's OmeletAward winning Cheesecake

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