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Deluxe Italian Bakery

Written by: on November 13th, 2014 in Camden CountyFeatured
Rated: Last update: Nov 28th 2015
  • Time: Novemember 12, 2014
  • City: Runnemede
  • Address: 680 East Clements Bridge Road
  • Phone: 856-939-5000
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Map: Show map

August 18, 2015> GFNJ stopped by in the market for a birthday cake and Deluxe delivered. Super moist cake, superb icing and the staff quickly took care of personalizing for us. In and out within ten minutes. Also grabbed some of their fresh rolls which are out of this world. The complete bakery is Deluxe!


60 years and counting, Deluxe has been supplying the area with fantastic baked goods. Discovered when stopping for Danish, Deluxe also makes ready to go breakfast sandwiches. Served on their homemade rolls, a choice of ham, sausage and egg and plain. We chose the sausage and egg. Sausage was broken up throughout the egg evenly. Superior spicing of the sandwich from the sausage made needing additional condiments not a thought. ONE OF THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD!

Danish, 60 years speaks for itself! They were delicious and devoured by my work associates!

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