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Dominic’s Tavern Bellmawr

Written by: on December 8th, 2012 in Bar/PubCamden County
Rated: Last update: Nov 21st 2015
  • Time: November 20, 2015 & November 30, 2012
  • City: Bellmawr
  • Address: 100 East Browning Road
  • Phone: 856-931-4742
  • Website: Visit Website
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November 20, 2015

Good Food New Jersey’s second visit by our staff to Dominic’s, again on a night when they have trivia! Also a night when it would seem the entire town is participating as the place was jammed! We were lucky as we had a very short wait for a table with also an accommodation from the staff to fit our party. 

Extensive menu of typical bar food along with some higher end pub style offerings. Ordered Chicken Tenders that came with fries. Wings medium allegedly voted “the best wings”. Steamed Clams and a Chicken Ranch Panini. 

008Chicken Tenders> three on the plate all were over-cooked and the breading burnt. Fries were thin cut and tasty. 

Wings> breaded and served on a large serving vessel with the sauce poured in and wings resting on top. 10 wings were crisp. The sauce was a good interpretation of what medium should be as getting to the end we were nice and warm. Voted the best somewhere, we wouldn’t say the best but they were very good. Too much sauce and would rather see the wings tossed and extra sauce on side. 

006Steamed clams> Nicely displayed all opened and steamed perfectly. Nice hint of garlic. We had side of butter tasty with or without. 

Chicken Ranch Panini> Bread was excellent. Chicken bit over cooked, sandwich had little flavor and we would not recommend. 

Service was attentive throughout and very pleasant, we’d give the waitress a 5-star. Food> again issues with 2 of our meals. So why so crowded? Maybe the only trivia game in town.  





December 8, 2012

Spacious tavern with bar and table area this is a very busy tavern especially on Friday’s when they play trivia. Food apparently is trivial at Dominic’s (at least when we went) as we covered a large portion of their menu, all bad. Chicken Fingers, Burgers, Shrimp in the Basket and even Pepperoni and Cheese with “crackers”. Covering the deep-fried, Chicken Fingers (5 orders) and Shrimp in the Basket all were cooked entirely too long. Burnt on the outside and dry on the inside, the fries included were the only edible offering. The burger a western style was also overdone making any continued criticism unnecessary.

The final insult, the safe play Pepperoni/Cheese and Crackers, the cheese was a chunk American (thank god for mustard) and the pepperoni was dumped on to the plate with no respect for presentation or ease of eating. The crackers, saltines delivered wrapped in packs of two? I would rather they just gave me a box of crackers of any other type.

The food was bad in every possible way imaginable. They did have drink specials and I did say trivia! Having a good time despite the terrible food, thank god for friends and free popcorn.

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