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KWI Noodle House Atlantic City

Written by: on December 13th, 2015 in AsianAtlantic/CumberlandUncategorized
Rated: Last update: May 30th 2017
  • Time: December 11, 2015
  • City: Atlantic City
  • Address: 2100 Pacific Ave
  • Phone: 609-348-4411
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Map: Show map

Located inside Caesars Casino Atlantic City is the KWI Noodle House. Modern location that is warm and inviting. Service was friendly and courteous throughout. Pricing was moderate for a resort restaurant as our bill for two came in at about $85 with bar beverages. Meals were large enough to share we ordered two entrees and an appetizer.

Steamed Dumplings> 5 for the order, pork inside was in need of some spicing and dumpling itself was on the doughy side. Sauces a soy based that needed a kick from garlic or something else.

Lobster Fried Rice> Large serving that was in need of more lobster as it was diced very small and used sparingly. Rice also a bit on the greasy side for our taste.

Congee with Seafood> We have never had before and asked the waitress about prior to ordering. She described as sticky we found to be porridge like. Seafood was squid, scallops and shrimp. Shrimp were large, scallops on the small side. Squid a few large pieces. All were cooked perfectly in the congee. There are no real strong flavors involved with the exception of ginger that needed smaller cuts of. Overall we enjoyed very much and found to be fulfilling.

From the bar “Oolong Sidecar” We have had a few of these elsewhere and found KWI’s to be delicious enjoying the cognac and Mandarin orange flavor.

Nice visit with good service and comfortable seating. Overall a good visit and one we would return.


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