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Papa Joe’s Pizzeria Restaurant- Runnemede

Written by: on November 7th, 2014 in Camden CountyItalianPizza/SandwichesUncategorized
Rated: Last update: Sep 24th 2017
  • Time: November 6, 2014
  • City: Runnemede
  • Address: 681 E. Evesham Rd.
  • Phone: 856 939-9230
  • Website: Visit Website
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Looking for a new place to try, we came across “Papa Joe’s Pizzeria Restaurant”.  A family owned and operated business that we found to be well worth our time and money. We seated ourselves, quickly welcomed and our drink orders taken. The menu is extensive to say the least including pizza, hot subs, sandwiches, burgers, pastas, seafood and salads.

We ordered the mild wings, turkey Reuben wrap, and a panzarotti with red peppers and pepperoni. On the side, we ordered a dish of fries with brown gravy (not too many places offer this so we had to jump on it). The wings can be ordered in mild, hot or 911 and come with celery and a choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing. We chose a small order of mild, they were a little more spicy than expected but delicious, very crisp with a thicker sauce than found at most restaurants. The turkey Reuben was a very large wrap that was stuffed with sliced turkey, coleslaw, dressing and cheese. It was served warm and was more than expected in size and flavor. The panzarotti can be ordered medium or large, good thing we chose the medium because the serving came on a large pizza tray. It was almost too pretty to eat with grated cheese sprinkled all over the top but we cut right into it immediately. The dough is homemade which makes the difference. There was plenty of toppings inside with a spectacular flavor that made us want to eat it in its entirety. The side order of steak fries and brown gravy was equally as good as the rest of the meal. The fries were very crisp, not soggy from the gravy.

We were completely delighted with our meals at Papa Joe’s and really can’t make a suggestion to make it any better. As their menu states, their food is homemade, not frozen and it really makes a big difference. They advertise America’s best wings and world-famous tomato pie, which makes me want to come back for more. We will be dining in here and taking out more often at Papa Joe’s.


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 4 reviews

by Never going back there on Good Food New Jersey
Horrible experience

4 girls at counter on there phones laughing, joking around. 55 minutes to get takeout after we ordered it , I asked twice how much longer for the food, the 16 year old pregnant girl asked the cook and his middle finger went up, for her or me, not really sure, got home food was not cooked and disgusting. I would have better food and service at a hot dog stand in Camden. They will be closed soon and deserve to be !!!!! Stay away

Thank you for your comment. At Good Food New Jersey we take comments too heart and welcome all opinions. Yours along with a few others indicate a far different dining experience then we had. Ratings adjusted accordingly. Stop back again and let us know more of your dining adventures.

Not a Happy Customer

I ordered a pizza from Papa Joe’s for delivery. Over an hour later a cold pizza was delivered. I called to complain and the man that said he was the owner told me to go F myself, I wasn’t getting a new pizza and don’t bother calling here again. This is horrible customer service…especially when it was their fault my pizza was delivered so late. I called again a few days later and was told Tony was the owner, but he wasn’t in. So, I went there and watched the employees call the owner Mario. Needless to say I will not be returning there again.

Wow! can’t imagine a business surviving long with customer service such as that. Thank you for sharing your exp.

Will not be spending anymore money there

In visiting a family friend and I am staying in a hotel. When I ordered there I spoke to the lady and explained I had a young child with special needs that I needed extra napkins forks plates and cups. After a hour passed I called to see where they were and they said they were in route that they had another delivery first. My food got here they handed me two bags so I thought everything was in there and it wasn’t. On top of that the pizza was cold and they refused to send me a hot pizza on top of that I had to wait to feed my son until they came back. I will never suggest anyone eat there. And they said the manager said he wouldn’t send me a new pizza and when I called back to complain they said he wasn’t even there.

Will no longer be going there

The first time my family went there everything was amazing! The food was delicious. The service waa excellent. The second time I went there,there was one waitress on and all she did waas complain the entire time….to each an every customer that came to eat there. We waited about an hour for our food to get done. Ill never go there again because of the shitty service!

Thank you for your review, disappointed to hear,

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