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Passariello’s Pizzeria & Italian Eatery

Written by: on October 30th, 2015 in Camden CountyItalianUncategorized
  • Time: October 28, 2015
  • City: Voorhees
  • Address: 111 Laurel Oak Road
  • Phone: 856-
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Map: Show map

Italian eatery that offers take-out and delivery along with dining in their comfortable dining space. Passariello’s is not your ordinary Italian restaurant. On entry you receive a Guest card, a (credit card style card) for your ordering at each of the stations throughout the restaurant. There is a Salad Station, Main dinner station, pizza and wings and sandwich station. You tell the server or cook what you like and they finish the preparation of your choices. Scan the card and you go on to the next area. When you have all that you want head to the drink area and find yourself a seat. All items are on the card so when your are finished eating you head to the cashier she scans for payment owed.

Ordering at the Salad section we choice a house salad with red wine and oil. Getting the choice of four veggies to add to the salad. Salad was gigantic certainly enough to feed more than one or make your complete meal. Was fresh and tasty with no skimping by the server on our choices. Tossing in a large bowl prior to plating blended the salad perfectly.

Main dinner area we went with the mussels and linguine. The chef heated the mussel’s in our choice of a white sauce and plated. Sauce was very good! Just the right amount of garlic. Mussels delicious, tasting if straight from the refrigerator to the stove. Also with a pleasing presentation.

We do believe they should offer a better explanation or ask if you have been there before. Our hostess just handed us a card and stated this is what you order with. We did figure it out rather fast.

If you are looking for choices, Passariello’s is the place to go. Food was very good. It was quick from the point of arrival to reaching our table despite not being familiar. Pricing reasonable for large servings, ours came in at just over $20.00. Conveniently located near the Skate Zone and Hampton Inn.


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