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Quesadilla Madness at Chevys Fresh Mex

Written by: on March 14th, 2017 in MexicanPassiac CountyUnion County
Rated: Last update: Apr 29th 2017
Quesadilla Madness
  • Time: March 13, 2017
  • City: Clifton/Linden
  • Address: 365 NJ 3 Clifton or 1150 South Stiles Street Linden
  • Phone: 978-777-6277 Clifton or 908-862-9800
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Map: Show map

Quesadilla Madness at Chevys Fresh Mex where everyone is a winner! We stopped by for a visit at the Clifton location to take part in the madness, specifically the Spinach Mushroom Dilla and San Antonio BBQ Dilla. Tortilla was lightly toasted on both giving a nice texture to the quesadillas. Spinach & Mushroom Dilla> Jack Cheese and a spicy habanero cream sauce, a unique flavor combo that complemented the fresh mushrooms and spinach. Wonderfully balanced the Spinach Mushroom quesadilla is a slam dunk.

Chevys Clifton NJ

San Antonio BBQ Dilla> Terrific flavor in the pork, bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, pepper and onion. The corn salsa was perfectly at home garnished on top. Sided with sour cream and guacamole. Or celebrate Quesadilla Madness with Chevys Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla, grilled chicken tossed in their own Buffalo sauce.


Closing out our Quesadilla Madness visit we sampled a nuevo dessert, Deep Fried Ice Cream. Out of this world flavor and textures that we methodically devoured. Vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and tortilla strips, madness for the taste buds!

Great food, wonderful service, fantastic surroundings and limited time Quesadilla Madness makes it time to visit Chevys Fresh Mex where everyone is a winner!


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been to the Linden location a few times and always have enjoyed, didn’t know they had location in Clifton, is it the same menu?

I have been to both locations and am pretty sure they are both the same, check their website through link included and you will find their menus. Thanks for visiting us and leaving your thoughts 🙂

Contest Entry?: No

Stopped yesterday and love the Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla, one of the better ones in the area, service was good. Me and my work friends like the speed of service when we go on lunch!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts on Chevys Fresh Mex!

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