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Vital Jamaican Restaurant Montclair

Written by: on January 23rd, 2016 in Essex CountyFeatured
Rated: Last update: Feb 18th 2016
  • Time: January 22, 2016
  • City: Montclair
  • Address: 387 Bloomfield Ave
  • Phone: 973-655-9500
  • Website: Visit Website
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In search of a Caribbean culinary adventure? Vital is the place for you! Family operated, this inspired brother and sisters team has been part of downtown Montclair for over a year. On entry to the restaurant you are off to Jamaica with the warm colors, decor and music gently swaying the airwaves.

Vital’s menu developed by co-owner Chef Kwame is diverse and will appeal to every diet. Stopping by for lunch, we sampled a few selections from their menu. Fried Plantains, Chicken Wings and the Jerk Portabella Mushroom Wrap.

Fried PlaintainsFried Plantains> Cut thin and fried crisp on the outside with a slight sprinkle of salt. Vital’s plantains are like no other we have had. The thickness was just enough that the middle remained creamy exposing rich flavor to your palate. Plated with a homemade hummus that you will find yourself shoveling into with the plantain as your utensil. An excellent treat that you could eat as a dessert as well. 


Jerk chicken wingsChicken Wings> Choice of jerk, tamarind glaze, sorrel bbq or curry. On suggestion we went with the jerk. Expertly presented, the alluring aroma had us quickly diving in. “Bold” is the only way you can describe these wings. You get some heat from the spicing but it took its time coming. The skin of the chicken was crisp. Meat perfectly cooked and juicy. The wing connoisseur needs to put these on their bucket-list.


Jerk Portabella Mushroom WrapJerk Portabella Mushroom Wrap> Huge wrap that came with a choice of  salad,  okra fries or plantain chips. Gigantic wrap with fresh mixed greens that added mild earthy and bitter flavor combinations. Portabella mushroom was grilled with just a hint of the jerk flavoring. Tomatoes and avocado spread completed this terrific wrap that meat eaters as well as vegans will love. 


Okra friesFor our side we went with the okra fries and we are so glad we did! Amazing is the only word I can use for these. Batter surrounding the whole okra was a FRENCH FRY! These will be the vegetable choice for all children in the future.

Vital restaurant, inspired by family values and ital dieting   they continue to take Montclair by storm. Stopping by for a Caribbean culinary adventure you will get great food, fantastic pricing and meet some wonderful staff! A great Jamaican vacation awaits you at Vital!!

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Damn good food and people, love it here

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by Shauna on Blank Business Name

Healthy great tasting Jamaican Food! Great service and pricing thanks for posting your review I have a new favorite restaurant

Thanks for checking us out and you’re welcome 🙂

by Samantha on Blank Business Name
Best in town!

Great food,service and ambience! Haven’t had a bad meal yet 🙂

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