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Oct 22, 2021

Lamp Post Diner

Categories: South Jersey, Recent, Diners

Enormous location with all styles of seating. We went on a Sunday morning to find a waiting list to be seated...


Oct 12, 2021

Grand opening Haddon Diner

Categories: South Jersey, Featured, Diners

New Jersey, we have ourselves a new diner. The Haddon Diner opened recently in the former location of the Westmont Diner. I have made two visits since their opening both for breakfast....


Sept 09, 2021

Skylark Diner & Lounge

Categories: Central Jersey, Diners, Recent

As I always do, I ordered a lot of food for one person. Just three appetizers because I had to cut my lunch short.

I ordered shrimp tostadas, coconut chicken and mozzarella triangles....


Apr 26, 2021

Harley Dawn Diner

Categories: South Jersey, Diners, Recent

Ultra modern diner offering traditional diner fare and some FLARE. Our visit was for breakfast. I was immediately attracted to their "Meet the Benedicts" section of the menu. The Original. Jersey, Philly, Ocean City, Caprese, and...


Mar 13, 2021

Silver Coin Diner

Categories: South Jersey, Diners, Recent

The Diner Capital of America. New Jersey is home to approximately 525 (source: Wikipedia). Here at GFNJ we have been to many over the years, Breakfast, our meal of choice when visiting a diner....


Jul 17, 2020

Dayton Diner

Categories: North Jersey, Diners, Recent

Dayton Diner currently following all Covid-19 protocol, outdoor dining space, pick-up with limited contact, Doordash, and curbside. Called ahead and ready when promised...


Apr 13, 2020

Galloway Diner

Categories: South Jersey, Diners, Recent

On the way to Atlantic City traveling the White Horse Pike you'll find the modern Galloway Diner....


Feb 24, 2020

Kenilworth Diner

Categories: North Jersey, Diners, Recent

Our long overdue return to the Kenilworth Diner had us visiting for breakfast. A 2018 Best of Good Food New Jersey, the diner welcoming...


Dec 20, 2019

Vincentown Diner

Categories: Diners, Central

Modern diner theme, large menu that offers many items outside the normal Jersey Diner menu. Our visit a lunch-time one had us seated immediately and promptly


Nov 04, 2019

Salem Oak Diner

Categories: Diners, South, American

Old school, this is what the Salem Oak Diner is all about. Our first visit since the big oak has fallen and it certainly isn’t the same outside.


Oct 25, 2019

Olga's Diner

Categories: Diners, South

Long awaited opening of the new Olgas Diner. It's all in the name as there is no relation to the previous location which we all fondly remember on 73 at the circle. Warm, modern and inviting...


Sept 10, 2019

Barrington Diner Restaurant

Categories: Diners, Recent, South

What is your idea of an old-school diner? My mind takes me to vinyl covered booth seating, chalk board menu specials, and a menu that’s short and to the point.


July 05 2019

Monarch Diner and Restaurant

Categories: Recent, South

The Monarch Diner & Restaurant, comfortable and warm decor with a friendly staff warmly greeting you on entry. That was my experience when myself and a friend arrived on the tail- end of lunch. Seated in a comfortable booth,


Jul 17 2019

Linden House Diner & Grill

Categories: North,

Long established diner in Linden, New Jersey. Seated immediately on a relatively slow Monday. Everything on the menu you'd expect from a Jersey diner


May 13, 2019

Cinnaminson Diner

Categories: Central, Diners

Everything you'd expect from a diner for breakfast. I settled in on the Eggs Benedict Florentine, sided with potatoes. Breakfast arrived in under ten minutes.


Oct 5, 2018

Café 500

Categories: South, Shore

A 24 hour diner in a casino, a spectacular idea! We visited for breakfast, seated immediately at a comfortable booth/table.


July 6, 2018

Hillsborough Star Diner

Categories: North, Diners

Visited Hillsborough Star Diner for lunch. Seated immediately on a busy Friday. Dated location but comfortable. Even Juke Boxes in the booths!


Jun 18, 2018

Red Oak Diner

Categories: North, Diners

Driving, and hungry for lunch, came upon the Red Oak Diner while passing through Princeton. Seated immediately in a rather strangely empty diner at lunch.


May 23, 2018

Plaza Diner Bloomfield

Categories: North, American, Diners

Old-School diner, traditional menu, breakfast available all day. Visited at lunch, ordering a Cuban Sandwich Panini.


May 23, 2018

Parkwood Diner

Categories: North, American, Diners

Out and about and another New Jersey Diner visit! Breakfast at a diner for me generally heads in one of two directions, omelet or Eggs Benedict


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